Advanced Painting and Drawing is a yearlong course that allows students to develop greater command of technical skills, various media, and advanced vocabulary, while pursuing more thematic depth and complexity, and a wider range of creative responses in their work. Overall, it is a Portfolio Preparation. course meant to build and refine 2-D work for college and AP Studio Art Portfolios, or for personal interest. Thus, another major emphasis of the class is on the development of personal work, leading students to explore artistic interest and intent.

Realistic drawing skills are not necessary to achieve success in this course. It allows students to develop and expand skills in art and continue the exploration of art as a means of visual expression. Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of art through classroom assignments and studio projects. Students will work with variety of art materials. In addition to improving drawing and design skills, students will be encouraged to communicate their own ideas. Concentrations include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. Upon completion of this course students should: 1) have developed drawing and design skills, 2) have developed a broader understanding of how artists combine skill with art materials with the creative process in order to communicate ideas and feelings. The course includes art school presentations and participation in year-end Art Exhibition.

Students explore a variety of media providing a foundation in the elements and principles of art with an emphasis on drawing and painting. This course, students learn to draw and paint through direct observation. Students learn to apply a variety of techniques and media to create compositions that incorporate the elements and principal of design. The study of art history, cultures, and artists will provide vocabulary skills and a foundation for students to discuss and evaluate their own work in a supportive atmosphere. The course includes art school presentations and participation in a year-end Art Exhibition.

This is an introductory Ceramics course that will cover the making of ceramic objects (both pottery and sculptural forms) using a variety of clay working techniques both hand-building and wheel thrown.  Strong emphasis will be put on the three hand-building techniques of pinch, slab, and coil methods.  Application of surface design and glazing will be covered with all assignments. Students will be challenged to develop their sense of design and level of craftsmanship as the year progresses.  An appreciation of the ceramics of the past and present will be included in the presentation of assignments.  Students will have a solid introduction to the craft of ceramics, the proper use of its equipment and tools and the basics of studio safety in their use.